tmux has its control mode, activated with -CC, to allow the terminal emulator to control tmux. iTerm2 uses this to great effect for allowing tmux windows to appear as separate iTerm windows.

Are there other terminal emulators that support control mode? I am particularly interested in terminal emulators / SSH clients for Windows that might offer such functionality, but Linux/Unix ones are interesting as well.


Edit : see the other answer, use EternalTerminal : It has tmux -CC support and can be installed on linux. It seems quite new, I do not know how stable it is.

What you are asking does not seem to be developed on linux yet with the mainstream terminal emulators :

Another idea would be to run your dear Iterm2 mac binary in your Linux environment. But the solutions currently available will not support it :


EternalTerminal has tmux -CC support and connection persistence.


On Windows try ConEmu, for Linux GNU Screen, because tmux sessions are like screen -d -m (other sessions on same instance screen -x)

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