I installed VNC server on a CentOS machine. I set up a user, and then enabled the VNC server for them on startup following these steps: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-vnc-remote-access-for-the-gnome-desktop-on-centos-7. I can successfully log into the machine over VNC, but it appears that the VNC users are not sharing the same session... as if I log into the physical machine and start up a process, when the VNC connection is made, nothing is active on the desktop at all. What did I do wrong? I need VNC to allow users to log in and remotely debug software which may or may not have been started by someone logged into the physical machine


I'm not the expert, but I have a friend who uses ssh to easily access my machines, one I give him a login. It's one of many way, but it has worked for me. I don't think it's as secure as VPN, but it has worked out, with no incident so far. He does have a better vantage point to catch unsavory activities. It's not my field, but like I said, it seems to work well.

  • I appreciate the response... I ended up uninstalling tigervnc entirely from the machine, and used the built in vino server... the only issue is that I had to disable encryption on the server to support connections from an ultra vnc viewer, due to type 18 not being supported.
    – Mark W
    Mar 12 '15 at 14:50

You could use x11vnc for this. As Root (sudo -i):

yum install x11vnc
x11vnc -storepasswd /etc/x11vnc.pass

printf '[Unit]\nDescription="x11vnc"\nRequires=display-manager.service\nAfter=multi-user.target\n\n' > /etc/systemd/system/x11vnc.service
printf '[Service]\nExecStart=/usr/bin/x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -auth guess -display :0 -forever -shared -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass -usepw \nExecStop=/usr/bin/killall x11vnc\nRestart=always\nRestartSec=150ms\n\n' >> /etc/systemd/system/x11vnc.service
printf '[Install]\nWantedBy=multi-user.target\n\n' >> /etc/systemd/system/x11vnc.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable x11vnc.service
systemctl start x11vnc.service

That will share the primary display with anyone who connects and knows the x11 password you set.

less /etc/systemd/system/x11vnc.service 

Look at the ExecStart line to see what arguments it is using, those are documented here: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/x11vnc_opts.html

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