The command "brew install boost" works for me on my MacOSX, but it installs the latest boost 1.57. How to use brew to install the older 1.55?

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You'll want to run brew install boost@1.55

$ brew search boost
==> Formulae
boost ✔                           boost-build                       
boost-python                      boost-python@1.59                 
boost@1.57                        boost@1.60 ✔
boost-bcp                         boost-mpi                     
boost-python3                     boost@1.55                        boost@1.59

==> Casks
boostnote                                focus-booster                            
iboostup                                 nosqlbooster-for-mongodb                 

Another possible solution is to compile exact version manually from source.
Just do the following

  1. Download the the .tar.gz of exact version from https://boostorg.jfrog.io/ui/native/main/release

  2. Unpack and go into the directory:

    tar -xzf boost_1_50_0.tar.gz
    cd boost_1_50_0

  3. Configure (and build bjam):

    ./bootstrap.sh --prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/boost/1.54.0
  4. Build:

  5. Install:

    ./b2 install

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