I've been running Arch for almost a year now, and my audio was working great until I started messing around with things (>.>) The reason I started messing around with things is because I want to get audio support working in Skype, which I was able to hear the sound effects Skype makes, but was unable to to use the microphone. On a side note, my hardware is a MBPr late 2013.

So I decided to open "Volume Control" and check out the configuration options. Under the "configuratoin" tab in the "Volume Control" app I have two devices I can configure. I can configure the HDMI device or the "Bult-in Audio".

Now this brings me to my first question, which "Built-in Audio" configuration option should I choose? I obviously want to be able to use the built-in microphone along with the speakers, so I chose, "Analog Surrond Output 2.1 + Analog Stereo Input".

volume control

However, all the options I can choose from are the following,

  • Analog Stereo Duplex
  • Analog Stereo Output
  • Digital Stereo (IEC958) Output + Analog Stereo Input
  • Digital Stereo (IEC958) Output
  • Analog Surround 2.1 Output + Analog Stereo Input
  • Analog Surround 2.1 Output
  • Analog Surround 4.0 Output + Analog Stereo Input
  • Analog Surround 4.0 Output Analog Stereo Input

When I have this option selected or any option selected for that matter I can no longer hear any audio coming from the speakers.

When I open alsamixer it states the audio device as being "pulseaduio", and the "Master Front" doesn't appear to be muted.

Also, I can't hear anything running speaker-test.

Any help on how I can troubleshoot my audio situation would be greatly appreciated.

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The problem was rather simple, I needed to select Analog Stereo Duplex to get the mic and speakers working for things like Skype calls.

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