I have a following /etc/qemu-ifup script which is executed when I start /usr/bin/qemu-system-i386 binary:


set -x


if [ -n "$1" ];then
        /usr/sbin/tunctl -u `whoami` -t $1
        /sbin/ip link set dev $1 up
        sleep 0.5s
        /sbin/brctl addif $switch $1
        exit 0
        echo "Error: no interface specified"
        exit 1

The problem is, that tunctl complains that device or resource is busy:

root@VM-host:~# qemu -hda /root/1.raw -device e1000,netdev=net0,mac=DE:AD:BE:EF:69:01 -netdev tap,id=net0 -display vnc=:1
+ switch=br0
+ [ -n tap0 ]
+ whoami
+ /usr/sbin/tunctl -u root -t tap0
TUNSETIFF: Device or resource busy
+ /sbin/ip link set dev tap0 up sleep 0.5s
Error: either "dev" is duplicate, or "sleep" is a garbage.
+ /sbin/brctl addif br0 tap0
+ exit 0

When I execute simply the /usr/sbin/tunctl -u root -t tap0, then tap0 is created without any issues:

root@VM-host:~# /usr/sbin/tunctl -u root -t tap0
Set 'tap0' persistent and owned by uid 0

Any ideas what causes such behavior?


(I dont know from when), qemu will create the tap first and then call your /etc/qemu-ifup script. So you see the error report, just because the same tap already exists.

Reference: qemu source: net/tap-linux.c (check the function: tap_open()).


The error message "Error: either "dev" is duplicate, or "sleep" is a garbage" tells the cause of your problem.

Should use the following command to bring up the tap interface:

/sbin/ip link set $1 up

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