I am unable to run "system-config-network-tui" command in centos 7. Returns the error

bash: system-config-Network-tui: command not found

I've already installed the package via

yum install NetworkManager-tui

Try the command nmtui; when in doubt, look at documentation: installation and usage from Redhat.

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You have several tools to configure the network on Centos 7.

  • nmtui (From the package NetworkManager-tui)
  • mmcli (From the package NetworkManager)
  • nm-connection-editor (If you have a GUI running Gnome Desktop Environment)

Please take note that in Centos 7 the default network service is managed by the NetworkManager which is a dynamic network control and configuration daemon.

I would suggest you to have a look at the Official Documentation of RHEL 7, which is identical to the Centos 7 operating system.

Documentation : Networking Guide RHEL 7

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There is simple TUI command to configure whether you are configuring the network on Server or on Local System.

Use the below command and follow the steps-:

$ sudo nmtui

After configure the network. Activate the network. Restart the network service.

$ sudo systemctl restart network
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Try this

system-network-config-tui &
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