When I use hexl-mode in emacs, it discards the buffer's undo info.
Is there another way to hex-edit the buffer and yet retain the undo info?

If there is no alternative hex-editor, is there a hex-viewer which can view the buffer? I have tried hexview-mode, but it doesn't view the actual buffer; it views the buffer's file (from disk), so I don't see the current edit.


Here is a function which copies the contents of the current buffer into a new buffer and runs hexl-mode on that:

(defun hexify-buffer-copy()
    "Edit current buffer in hexl mode by copying it"
    (let ((orig-buffer (current-buffer)))
         (switch-to-buffer (create-file-buffer
             (buffer-file-name orig-buffer)))
         (insert-buffer orig-buffer)
         (setq buffer-undo-list nil)

Run with M-: (hexify-buffer-copy)


There's nhexl-mode in ELPA, which uses overlays instead of rewriting the buffer, and thus keeps undo info.

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