How can I get 10#1$result to work correctly?

When creating a calculator for adding two numbers I am adding together by transversing the digits from small to large. e.g. for adding 51 plus 51 I am adding 1+1, storing the "2", then adding 5+5, storing the "0" and then adding the 1 at the beginning.

To do this I am using result=1$result

However I run into problems with numbers that have 8 and 9 in them. I discovered this recently and was able to solve it then by preceding it with 10#, e.g.


However with the need for the "1" at the start for when I have a "10" as the result (record 0, then add the "1" at the start) I can't get the base 10 syntax to work right. I've tried:


The correct format is simply to use:


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