I want to find all the files in a directory that have not been modified for at least 30 days and end in .xml or .out. This is my attempt to cobble together a couple of references to build the right find syntax:

find . -mtime +30 -type f / (-name "*.xml -o -name "*.out" ) / -print

I'm getting

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token '('

What am I missing in my syntax?


You're nearly there! This works:

find . -mtime +30 -type f \( -name \*.xml -o -name \*.out \)

Your / ( becomes \( (an escaped open parenthesis; as you discovered the shell treats ( specially so it needs to be escaped with \); likewise ) / should actually be \). The names need * to match anything ending with the given extension, and that also needs to be escaped, so ".xml" (I added the missing closing quote) becomes either \*.xml or "*.xml".

Finally -print can be dropped since that's find's default action.

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