I have recently upgrade from BasilOS Trinity to BasilOS Quad. In Quad apt-get was integrated, I read some documentation on it, but I still do not fully understand if it is meant to be used with .deb files or software repos/catalogs. Any help?

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apt-get is like an advanced version of dpkg. As BasilOS is based off of Ubuntu, apt-get is a very useful command.
What it does is references the canonical software repo and other PPAs (if manually added). apt-get can be used by either running root* and then apt-get install appName or sudo apt-get install appName. You can also use sudo apt-get install appName.deb.
* I believe that root is solely on BasilOS, for other Linux OSes, run su or sudo -i.
This description is very brief and does not cover apt-get remove, apt-get upgrade, or apt-get update... There is also apt-cache! I recommend for a more in depth answer use the man pages.

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    "apt-get is like an advanced version of dpkg". No offense, but that isn't accurate and somewhat vague. – Faheem Mitha Mar 3 '15 at 3:21

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