Is there a way to get the elementary OS Luna theme in Freya? I don't want to get rid of stuff like the header bar, I just want that blue theme.

Also, can I set wingpanel to the be translucent all the time instead of it automatically becoming opaque on maximize? Thanks


To answer the first part of your question: You can't. Luna's theme was built for a specific older version of Gtk. The version of Gtk shipped in Freya is not compatible with this older theme. It will not work.


To answer your main question - the only way you can do this is if you take the theme from Luna and port it over manually. :/

However, to disable autochanging on Freya, go to dconf editor, then open org>pantheon>desktop>wingpaneland you should see auto-adjust-alpha ticked. Untick that and change background-alpha to be 0.

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