I just built GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.13 from source and the directory hotlist is now invoked with CtrlBackspace instead of Ctrl\.

This is a PITA since it seems to not be passed through via ssh -- or else it plain does not work, this is a remote system so that's the only access I have.

Rather than sorting that out, I'd prefer to have the old Ctrl-\ back, but I could not find anything relevant in the .configure options and it seems to be hard-coded in. Is there anything I can do?


You'll have to recompile, but this is not hard to fix. First, make clean.

Edit mc-4.8.13/src/keybind-defaults.c. Find line 104/105:

/* To access the directory hotlist */
{"HotList", "ctrl-backspace"},

Change that to:

/* To access the directory hotlist */
{"HotList", "ctrl-\\"},

Configure as before and make && make install; done.

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