I'm connected to a MQTT stream, and I filter out the data by entering :

mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 |
sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p}"

into the Ubuntu terminal. This prints the only things that I am interested from the MQTT stream.

Now that I can do this I would like to dump this information into a qwerty.TXT file. I've tried

mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 |
sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;w qwerty.txt}"

and got the following error:

sed: -e expression #1, char 0: unmatched '{'

I've looked into sed regex, and the examples are that w file.type writes into the file file.type where type can be .txt for example.

I've also tried

mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 |
sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p >> qwerty.txt}"


mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 |
sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;1a qwerty.txt}"

How can I print my filtered MQTT stream into a file named qwerty.txt?

  • mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 | sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p}" > qwerty.TXT – heemayl Feb 28 '15 at 2:15
  • @heemayl if i write mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 | sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p}" >> qwerty.TXT will be appending the filtered MQTT stream into the qwerty.txt? – 3kstc Feb 28 '15 at 2:35
  • @heemay, thanks, and if I wanted to make this command run in the background with an & would it just be mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 | sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p}" > qwerty.TXT & ? – 3kstc Feb 28 '15 at 2:44
  • @heemayl, I've checked into the qwerty.txt, the file is empty. Even though mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 | sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p}" prints data on a parallel terminal. Is there a way of printing the datum inside of the sed command i.e. inside mosquitto_sub -d -t +/# 2>&1 | sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;p}"? – 3kstc Feb 28 '15 at 2:50
  • @don_crissti, I owe you more then a thanks! just writing the file didn't work, writing the full directory (...>>/home/ed/file.txt) did the trick though! And to make this run 24/7 in the background I would just need to add an & at the end of the command right? from reading various sites/forums $ some_command & will run the some_command in the background until its stopped. – 3kstc Feb 28 '15 at 8:56

To terminate a w command in sed, you need an end of line or an end of string.

You can either embed a literal newline in your sed command (which is rather irritating for interactive use) or you can use multiple -e commands.

So instead of:

sed -n "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;w qwerty.txt}"

You would use:

sed -n -e "/PUBLISH/{s|.*\('.*',\).*|\1$(date),|;N;s/\n//;w qwerty.txt" -e "}"
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