If I am having a line as:

Thhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee

I want to print this as:

This is my name

What is the unix command for this?

  • Can you provide some more context on the origin of the duplications and desired output? What if "Mmyyy nameee iisss Jesssssiiieee"? Feb 27, 2015 at 16:03

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With tr:

echo "Thhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee" | tr -s 'a-z'

Explanation: The -s switch of tr "squeezes" repeat characters. As shown, the switch can be used with a range of characters: a to z.


One way with sed:

sed ':X;s/\(.\)\1/\1/g;tX'

or even simpler:

sed 's/\(.\)\1*/\1/g'

(thanks Costas and mikeserv for comments).

  • sed 's/\(.\)\1\+/\1/g'
    – Costas
    Feb 26, 2015 at 18:22

On a GNU system you'll need to use sed or similar if your locale uses multibyte characters (as jimmij suggests) because GNU tr can only reference a character per byte. In an ASCII locale you can remove all duplicates w/ tr like:

LC_ALL=C tr -s '\0-\255' <input


echo Thhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee|
LC_ALL=C tr -s '\0-\255'


This is my name

You can also do it selectively by referring to your targets by range:

echo TThhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee|
LC_ALL=C tr -s '\101-\132'


echo TTTThhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee|
LC_ALL=C tr -s '[:upper:]'

...which work out to be the same thing, and which both print:

Thhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee

...or use [:punct:], [:digit:], [:lower:], [:alpha:] or whatever you would like. You can also negate the selection w/ -c so...

echo 'TTTThhiisss     iisss mmyyy nameeee' |
LC_ALL=C tr -cs '[:upper:]'


TTTThis is my name

Try tr:

echo "Thhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee" | tr -s 'hismye'
echo "Thhiisss iisss mmyyy nameeee" | grep -o . | uniq | tr -d '\n'

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