Normally I am working on two FullHD 27" screens, but when I am in school i need to use my laptop display with QHD.

But seriously, who can work with 3200x1080 on a 15" display? :D

My Windows VM can display FullHD on the laptop, but Fedora 21. My question now: Is there any graphical driver for Fedora 21 or do i have to create a "custom" solution?

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Same for me. On a 13" screen! Solved by growing the hidpi scaling factor to 2 (GNOME tweak cool) GNOME is OK, but still to small for some stuff: Grub Text console => mitigated by setfont sun12x22 Google chrome => need to zoom constantly Firefox idem

Dell xps 13 2015 laptop with qhd screen

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