How can I use sed to match the search 'pattern' and reuse it again in the 'substitution' part?

Example: I want the command:

echo "12a34" | sed 's/a/#bcd/g'

to return


What should be the # parameter to get the right substitution?

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    If you mean all pattern in s/pattern/substitusion/ you can recall by & symbol. Thats mean sed 's/a/&bcd/g'. If you'l need just part of pattern you can use back refference: sed 's/\(a\)3/\1bcd/g'
    – Costas
    Feb 25 '15 at 14:04

As already commented, the solution is to take the & character in the substitution part:

echo "12a34" | sed 's/a/&bcd/g'

Like this the & is just replaced by the a in the search pattern.

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