Is it possible, when locally writing output from SSH command execution, to suppress the hostname and [sudo] lines?

For instance, when I SSH into a server and run sudo <command> it displays

[sudo] password for user:

This is written to the file I'm writing the output to. I'm using sudo <command> 2>&1 /dev/null but it isn't eliminating those lines.


sudo <command> 2>&1 /dev/null won't redirect anything to /dev/null. Instead, you are:

  • Calling sudo with 2 parameters: <command> and /dev/null. The second one will be passed to <command> when it gets executed.
  • Redirecting error messages to standard output.

Here's a simple try:

$ sudo ls 2>&1 /dev/null

See: you get the result of ls /dev/null. However, you could do something like...

$ sudo ls >ls_output.txt 2>/dev/null

Which would:

  • Call sudo with 1 parameter: ls.
  • Redirect standard output to ls_output.txt.
  • Redirect standard error to /dev/null.

With the above command, ls_output.txt would list the contents of the current working directory, and won't have any stderr data in it.

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