I am currently calculating percentages in LibreOffice Calc using the function =PART/TOTAL where PART and TOTAL are cell coordinates of a same column.

Dragging-down the formula won't do, because the coordinate of the TOTAL cell will change along with the PART's.

Ideally, I want to process this quickly, in a way that the coordinates of the PART changes while the TOTAL's would remain the same.

How can I do that? Is there a function for this?


Modify the formula from, say, =A1/A2 to =A1/$A$2 before copying it, so that the denominator will not change.

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    Also, you can just fix the column using $A2 or just fix the row with A$2. This is useful when copying between different columns/rows (depending how your data is laid out) – nico Aug 12 '11 at 13:27

To calculate percentages you can use the formula described at Libre Office Help:

=A1*16%   # Displays 16% of the contents of A1.
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