I am trying to install fedora 21 server in virtual machine and I am getting following problem. The installation has simply halted. From that description I understand that in some configuration file there is %packages section with no matching %end section. However I am quite new to linux so am quite clueless whats exactly happening.

Will like to know everything about whats going on here. Whats packages? Where this setting is specified? Where and how should I modify it? I am installing VM from ISO file, so how should I approach to modify it if at all necessary.

The ISO I am using is Fedora-Server-DVD-x86_64-21.iso

enter image description here


I think that is a bug in Fedora 21 both server and workstation bugzilla. You can try suggested workaround. Create first a Virtual machine with just an empty hard disk. After that connect your Fedora-Server-DVD-x86_64-21.iso and try to install it.


FYI, I got it to work by not selecting the "Easy Install" or disconnecting the second CD-ROM drive that contains the autorun.iso (or whatever it's named),leaving just the CD-ROM drive that has the ISO. The installer starts right up.

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