A vendor has provided these FTP connection params so I can upload some data for them...

Host: host.com
Port: 46800
Protocol: FTP – File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Require implicit FTP over TLS
Logon Type: Normal
User: [ username ]
Password: [ password ]

It isn't working for me...

$ ftp -p host.com 46800
Connected to host.com
421 Service not available, user interrupt. Connection closed.

I suspect the "Require implicit FTP over TLS" param might be the issue? (Maybe?)

TLS isn't mentioned in the FTP man page.

What would be a command that would allow me to connect and upload?


The ftp program is for the insecure ftp protocol. Your vendor has specified that you use Implicit FTP over TLS which is a way to encrypt the connection and keep your credentials and data private over the Internet.

Fortunately, there is a program called lftp which understands this protocol.

open -u [username] ftps://host.com:46800
Password: [enter your password]
[your remote files should be listed]

lftp supports many protocols. This webpage lists them in an easy to read table.

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