I'm looking for a way to list all files in a directory, with both their size, and a line count. Right now I'm using stat -c \"%s %n\" /directory/* to get file names and sizes, and I know I can use find /directory/ -type f -exec wc -l {} + to get file name and line count, but is there any way I can get both at the same time?

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You are almost there.

find directory -type f -exec wc -lc {} +

will get file name, line count, and character count.

Strictly speaking, -c (a.k.a. --bytes) is documented as counting bytes, which is probably what you want.   There is also a -m (a.k.a. --chars) option for counting “characters”.  From the choice of the m option letter, I guess this counts multi-byte characters; e.g., Unicode characters.  There is also a -w option for actually counting words.

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  • can we print the sizes in MB ? Sep 5, 2016 at 11:19

wc can provide both byte and line counts:

find /directory/ -type f -exec wc -l -c {} +

Using find is also preferable to a wildcard argument (stat ... directory/*), because the latter will fail when there are too many files in the directory for the names to fit in a single command.


we can simply exexute the following command in the directory

wc -lc *
wc -c -l file1 file2 ... 

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for i in 'find \directory-name\ -type f'
echo "Printing line count and size of $i"
cat $i | wc -l
du -sh $i

I think this will help you in getting what you want.

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