So I have an Apache server on my raspberry pi running Raspibian, where its root is at /var/www and I've created a symlink in www called downloads which links to /home/pi/downloads.

First of all, I've followed this tutorial but I couldn't get my apache to list the symlink directory. Whenever I access localhost I get only the list of files at /var/www but not the symlink.

Also, I tried, just to see what happens, to change the root directory to /home/pi/downloads and when I access the localhost I get 403 forbidden. I want to know why I can't see the symlink and why I'm getting the forbidden error for the /home/pi/downloads. Maybe Apache has to have the right to read that folder? How do I make it possible?

What I really want to do is: list my symlinks and be able to access the symlinks without getting forbidden error


I'm guessing you have the FollowSymlinks directive in place, since that's what the tutorial covers. Then the other consideration is that the www-data user needs to have execute access on the directory that the symlink points to (/home/pi/downloads).

If www-data belongs to the group that owns /home/pi/downloads, then you can do chmod g+x /home/pi/downloads and Apache should immediately gain access to that directory.Otherwise, if you don't mind allowing all users to access the directory, you can do chmod o+x /home/pi/downloads.

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