I could use some help with what I think is a basic request on the newest edition of Linux Mint (which I think would also be applicable to Ubuntu).

I have a home system with 3GB of RAM and accounts for family members (4 of them). As the initial login process takes 15-20 seconds and kids are impatient, I'd like a way to have an active session auto-started for each user when the system first boots.

... In other words, a multiple auto-login in the background and a normal login screen.

That way, when a user goes to login like normal, their session is already running and is switched to instantly. I have plenty of RAM and this machine always runs, so is there any way to pull this off via some type of login scripts?


Assuming you already have one user that auto-logs in, you can probably use a script that runs after logging in (use gnome-session-properties) that:

  • gets a list of users to auto-login from some file
  • checks for each of those users if they are logged in yet
  • if one is not, use xdotool to switch to the first user (by simulating clicking on Menu and then Logout, etc) Each of these users must auto-run the script as well, thereby daisy chaining the login process
  • if all users are logged in, switch to some specially marked user (the first) that auto logs in, unless that is the user already currently running the script.
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  • I'm trying to execute this now, but having to learn a few new concepts along the way. If I can get this to work, I'll mark it as the answer. Thanks! – Slappy_G Feb 24 '15 at 17:58
  • @Slappy_G I have not tried this myself, but that is what I would do. If you get stuck and have any specific questions on xdotool etc., you will find some answers here (or you can post a new one). – Anthon Feb 24 '15 at 18:34

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