Is there a way to download forum jpeg image attachments, possibly using Wget or Curl or some other tool? I would like to download jpeg attachments from specific pages on forums. I'm not interested in downloading all forum attachments, but attachments specific to a page in a thread. I also don't want to download attachments one at a time. I want to be able to go to a page on a forum and download all attached images from that page using one command/action.

I can retrieve forum attachment urls by using the Firefox Addon Copy All Links:


But it would be more convenient if I could give Wget or Curl (or some other tool) the url of the forum page, and the command would automatically retrieve the attachment urls and download the images.

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For obtaining links to images or files that don't necessarily use a filename suffix in the URL, I would use wget with the --accept-regex option. I have changed the script I have used to your specific case:

wget -nd -r -l 2 --accept-regex '/attachmentshow' www.domain.tld


  • -nd no-directories, to prevent creating to hierarchy of directories when retrieving recursively.
  • -r enable recursive retrieving, see Recursive download for details.
  • -l specify the recursion maximum depth level, might want to change this to your specific intentions.
  • --accept-regex specify a regular expression to accept the URL.

You could also use -A to specify which filename suffixes should be accepted, see Recursive Accept/Reject Option for details.

When encountering robots.txt you could use the option -e robots.off to ignore robots.txt files. I do advise reading about the option and the consequences first.

You can read more about wget on the manual page.

I hope you are able to tweak the example to your needs and solve the problem.


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