I was trying to rotate few hundred images which have 7000px height in 1000+ images how to rotate them from bash.


You can analyse the size of the picture using ImageMagick's identify and then rotate it using ImageMagick's convert commandline tool.

height=$(identify ${pic} | sed 's/.*x\([0-9]\+\)\+.*/\1/g')

if [[ $height -gt 7000 ]]; then
  convert ${pic} -rotate 90 ${pic}_rotated

The second line extract the height from the output of indentify. The if-clause check if that value is greater than 7000 and then rotates the image 90°.

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    No need for sed, just user -format option to output only image height: identify -format "%h"
    – jimmij
    Feb 13 '15 at 9:30

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