I have over 80,000 photos that have been given proper EXIF keywords but Google Drive requires data in the Description for it to be searchable in their online app. I need to copy the contents of the Keywords entry to the description on this mass of photos that goes deep into sub directories.


Using ExifTool you could just run:

exiftool -TagsFromFile file.jpg '-Keywords>Description' file.jpg

You can find more info in the manpage for exiftool.

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    Great thanks for pointing me in the right place. I finished the rest of it so that it does them in batch and goes to all sub folders exiftool −r −overwrite_original -TagsFromFile @ '-Keywords>Description' * – snowliondev Feb 12 '15 at 15:33

snowliondev's solution pointed me in the right place. It works on jpg's using the legacy IPTC:Keywords tag, but the following command will apply to jpg, png and other files with XMP tags:

exiftool −r −overwrite_original -TagsFromFile @ '-XMP:Subject>Description' *

See this thread, which also shows how to include the directory path in the description metadata which is helpful for Google Photos which does not preserve folder hierarchies.

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