I am trying to continuously run a python script with random parameters from another python script, where each run is in its own tmux session. A very simplified overview of what I'm trying to do goes like this:

# Python script to run other python scripts
from subprocess import call
import random

while True
    param = randint(1,100)
    runmyscript ="tmux send-keys -t mysession"+str(param)+" 'python myscript.py param' "
    #Wait until myscript.py is done running in its tmux session <-- How to do that?

For example, let's say that the random numbers are 57, 61, 88 ... etc. The above script should run:

  • 'myscript.py 57' in a tmux session called "mysession57"
  • 'myscript.py 61' in a tmux session called "mysession61"
  • 'myscript.py 88' in a tmux session called "mysession88" ... etc

But how can I make sure that the script waits until each script in its tmux session is finished?

  • Not an answer, and I don't know tmux but... there must be a better way, a more programmatic way, of doing what you need to do than simulating keypresses in a command window to run a script (because that's what I assume tmux send-keys does). Anything that remotely resembles directly invoking some kind of command instead of simulating keypresses would have a better chance of providing you with a method of notifying the caller when it's done. – Celada Feb 12 '15 at 2:49
  • You're 100% right. But I have reached the point that I must run what I have and get my results asap. That said, I'm sure that the question could be rephrased so that it refers to the same concept but less sloppy.. – geo909 Feb 12 '15 at 2:52
from subprocess import call
import random

while True:
    param = random.randint(1,100) #add random first or from random import randint
    runmyscript ="tmux send-keys -t mysession %s 'python myscript.py param' "%str(parma)
    call(runmyscript,shell=True)#you should add if or something to break loop

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