My PC runs LinuxMint 17 in the 64-bit MATE edition. How can I configure X (or MATE?) to invoke these two commands from my mouse (which is a 6-button Logitech M705)?

  • send the clicked window behind all others by holding [ALT] and clicking [mouse button 4]
  • minimize the clicked window to the task bar by holding [ALT] and clicking [mouse button 5]
  • adjust the master audio volume by holding [ALT] and rolling the scroll wheel

That is, just like you can normally hold [ALT] and click [mouse button 1] to move a window, I would like to hold [ALT] and click [mouse button 5] to minimize the window.

Mouse button 4 and 5 basically correspond to the "Forward" and "Back" buttons.

Background: I have read (see below) that I can configure /etc/X11/xorg.conf and/or use a small tool to do it for me, but I currently don't even have an xorg.conf file, and I am unsure which of the many tools to use -- and most of all, how to specify those actions.

Since I started using BSD/Linux a long time ago, AltDrag became a fixture on my Windows computers at work. Some time ago, I configured some extra stuff in AltDrag which I now long to reproduce on Linux (I'm sure we can all agree that Windows should not be a better experience than Linux ;-).

Meta: I asked this question earlier, but it got "unpublished"(?) because it wasn't clear. I reworded it, but then couldn't figure out how to get it re-published. Some days later I discovered that it was closed. This, then, is my re-worded, and hopefully more lucid, version posted as a new question. Apologies for double posting. If this still isn't clear enough, please engage in dialog with me before simply closing my question.


  • ...hello? tap tap tap Is this thing on? ;-) More than a month, and not even a comment? Is there something more I can do to improve the explanation and/or increase exposure (given I don't yet have enough rep for a bounty)? – KlaymenDK Mar 21 '15 at 20:36

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