I have a csv-file that looks like this (short example, there are actually about 20 images per id).


The structure is like this:


The bold version is repeated as many times as the source xml has these fields, so there can be (most likely is) different amount of images per id. I need to create a folder and download these images in that folder based on the id, for example


There are also image files that are thumbnails and "www-sized", but I only need the ones that have kivirealty-original as a field before the image location.

How can I parse the files I need and then wget those files to a folder that is named by it's id?

The example file is generated by a shell script, and I would need a code that would do this after that file is done.

  • You can parse CSV file with Perl or Python. Since CSV files can have newlines in cell-content, using line oriented tools is a shortcut only beginners try to take. Once you have the cell contents call wget or use the language build in retrieval tools. – Anthon Feb 10 '15 at 11:51
  • Thanks for the help, however I'm in a need for bit more detailed examples. I am fairly new to shell scripting. I have been using awk to get only the main images to use as preview pictues by looking for value pääkuva;1;kivirealty-original;1;, but now I need to download them all (not just pääkuva = main image) and in different folders. – SamSwampwater Feb 10 '15 at 12:00
while IFS=";" read id a remain
    while [ "$remain" ]
        IFS=";" read a b test d i_url remain <<< "$remain"
        if [ "$test" == "kivirealty-original" ]
            if [ ! -d "some_path/$id" ]
                mkdir -p "some_path/$id"
            wget -nd -P "some_path/$id" "$i_url"
done < file.csv
  • This did just what I needed, thank you very much! – SamSwampwater Feb 10 '15 at 14:28

I'd use awk to create the commands and pipe the output into sh if all works as desired. Here's a code skeleton (you'll have to add the desired wget options)...

awk -F\; '
    printf "mkdir -p %s/%s\n", "somepath", $1
    for (i=7; i<=NF; i+=5) {
        printf "wget ... %s ... %s/%s ...\n", $i, "somepath", $1
' | sh

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