Keepass has password generating function.

Q: How can I generate example: 400 000 passwords with kpcli to a text file?


I can give you an answer, but using another tool: pwgen

user@host:~$ pwgen -s -c -1 -N 400000 15

Extracted from pwgen manuals:

-s, --secure Generate completely random, hard-to-memorize passwords. These should only be used for machine passwords, since otherwise it's almost guaranteed that users will simply write the password on a piece of paper taped to the monitor...

-c, --capitalize Include at least one capital letter in the password. This is the default if the standard output is a tty device.

-1 Print the generated passwords one per line.

-N, --num-passwords=num Generate num passwords. This defaults to a screenful if passwords are printed by columns, and one password.

And the number at the end of the command, is how many characters long a password will be. You can add the -y option to add special characters to your generated passwords.


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