My linux box can't seem to get a DHCPOFFER from my router. This is blocking me from getting internet access on the linux box.

Here's the setup: I have two computers, a linux box called mocha and a windows box called latte. I'm trying to use latte get more information about what's wrong with mocha. I have a Netgear WNR2000 v3 router.


  • had fully functional internet access until a recent reboot
  • (thinks it) is broadcasting DISCOVER messages every 15 seconds or so
  • gets no answer to dhcping -v
  • is running dhcpdump, which is dumping
    • the REQUEST, ACK, and INFORM messages broadcast between the router and latte
    • DISCOVER messages broadcast by itself (mocha)


  • is connected by ethernet to the same router as Mocha and has fully functional internet access
  • is running wireshark, filtered for "bootp"
    • I expect it should see all DHCP messages that are broadcast on the network, including the DISCOVER messages (supposedly) broadcast by mocha
    • It is actually seeing only the REQUEST, ACK, and INFORM messages being broadcast and unicast between itself and the router.

In conclusion, I think mocha isn't getting an OFFER message because its DISCOVER messages aren't getting through. What can I do to make them get through? Or is there a way I can skip DHCP discovery and fabricate a working IP address for it in order to get internet access?

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If by 'fabricate a working IP address' you mean assign a static IP then sure. Just edit your interface config file at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and change it from dhcp to none. For example:

# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
DNS1=X.X.X.X  <= dns server
DNS2=X.X.X.X  <= dns server
IPADDR=X.X.X.X  <= your assigned IP
GATEWAY=X.X.X.X <= the default gateway

then just execute command:

service network restart

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