Trying to use Slingscold launcher in Linux Mint Xfce Qiana - it should look something like the search in Gnome Shell

enter image description here

but it finds nothing and is just empty:

enter image description here

Does it need some other dependency to operate?

(At the same time the Whiskermenu works fine, just like any other search app that I tried, including XFDashboard, which is very similar to the search in Gnome and to Slingscold.)

  • Try running slingscold from terminal and see if any output appears. I just managed to build a version for fedora, the problem there being it needs a old version of libgnome-menu. Other than that, it could be that on Mint mintstick breaks it: sourceforge.net/projects/slingscold/reviews/… – Wilf Jul 31 '15 at 21:11

Had the same issue, try using one of Mint-X icon sets (not default one or gnome one). Also "my-mint-elementary" icon set works fine.

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