I have a folder with several repositories inside. Is there any way I can run git branch or whatever git command inside each folder?

$ ls
project1            project2                project3            project4

And I'd like to have some kind of output like the following

$ command
project1 [master]
project2 [dev]
project3 [master]
project4 [master]

Try this. $1 should be the parent dir containing all of your repositories (or use "." for the current dir):


function git_branches()
    if [[ -z "$1" ]]; then
        echo "Usage: $FUNCNAME <dir>" >&2
        return 1

    if [[ ! -d "$1" ]]; then
        echo "Invalid dir specified: '${1}'"
        return 1

    # Subshell so we don't end up in a different dir than where we started.
        cd "$1"
        for sub in *; do
            [[ -d "${sub}/.git" ]] || continue
            echo "$sub [$(cd "$sub"; git  branch | grep '^\*' | cut -d' ' -f2)]"

You can make this its own script (but replace $FUNCNAME with $0), or keep it inside a function and use it in your scripts.

for dir in */
  do (cd $dir && echo "$dir [$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)]")

It will output (almost) what you want.

project1/ [master]
project2/ [dev]
project3/ [master]
project4/ [master]
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  • 2
    $(ls -d */) is a brittle way of saying */. – muru 2 days ago
  • I don't get it, how would you do that : 'for dir in */ ... ' ? – Antoine 2 days ago
  • Yes, exactly that: for d in */ – muru 2 days ago
  • Ok, I'm far from an expert in bash and it certainly works in other version of shell. But with my version of zsh (5.7.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin17.7.0)), it doesn't work : "zsh: no matches found: */" – Antoine 2 days ago
  • 1
    Then there are no matches. In that case, your loop would have failed as well. – muru 2 days ago

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