I heard that linux operating systems are fast and they can be customized to as our needs. i have installed linux mint 17. I would like to learn about linux. What are things that i can learn on linux.

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May be it's not very original, but I think list of topics from LFS101x.2 Introduction to Linux course could help:

  1. Chapter 01: The Linux Foundation (not very useful)
  2. Chapter 02: Linux Philosophy and Concepts

Section 1: Linux History

Section 2: Linux Philosophy

Section 3: Linux Community

Section 4: Linux Terminology

Section 5: Linux Distributions

  1. Chapter 03: Linux Structure and Installation

Section 1: Linux Filesystem Basics

Section 2: The Boot Process

Section 3: Linux Distribution Installation

  1. Chapter 04: Graphical Interface

Section 1: Session Management

Section 2: Basic Operations

Section 3: Graphical Desktop

  1. Chapter 05: System Configuration from the Graphical Interface

Section 1: System, Display, Date and Time Settings

Section 2: Network Manager

Section 3: Installing and Updating Software

  1. Chapter 06: Finding Linux Documentation

Section 1: Documentation Sources

Section 2: The man pages

Section 3: GNU Info

Section 4: Help Command

Section 5: Other Documentation Sources

  1. Chapter 07: Command Line Operations

Section 2: Basic Operations

Section 3: Searching for Files

Section 4: Working with Files

Section 5: Installing Software

  1. Chapter 08: File Operations

Section 1: Filesystems

Section 2: Filesystem Architecture

Section 3: Comparing Files and File Types

Section 4: Backing Up and Compressing Data

  1. Chapter 09: User Environment

Section 1: Accounts

Section 2: Environment Variables

Section 3: Recalling Previous Commands

Section 4: Command Aliases

Section 5: File Permissions

  1. Chapter 10: Text Editors

Section 1: Basic Editors: nano and gedit

Section 2: More Advanced Editors: vi and emacs

  1. Chapter 11: Local Security Principles

Section 1: Understanding Linux security

Section 2: Understanding the usage of the root account

Section 3: Using sudo, the Importance of Process Isolation, Limiting Hardware Access and Keeping Systems Current

Section 4: Working with passwords

Section 5: Securing the Boot Process and Hardware Resources

  1. Chapter 12: Network Operations

Section 1: Introduction to Networking

Section 2: Browsers

Section 3: Transferring Files

  1. Chapter 13: Manipulating Text

Section 1: cat and echo

Section 2: sed and awk

Section 3: File Manipulation Utilities

Section 4: grep

Section 5: Miscellaneous Text Utilities

Section 6: Dealing with Large Files and Text-related Utilities

  1. Chapter 14: Printing

Section 1: Configuration

Section 2: Printing Operations

Section 3: Manipulating Postscript and PDF Files

  1. Chapter 15: Bash Shell Scripting

Section 1: Features and Capabilities

Section 2: Syntax

Section 3: Constructs

  1. Chapter 16: Advanced Bash Scripting

Section 1: String Manipulation

Section 2: Boolean Expressions

Section 3: The Case Statement

Section 4: Looping Constructs

Section 5: Script Debugging

Section 6: Some Additional Useful Techniques

  1. Chapter 17: Processes

Section 1: Introduction to Processes and Process Attributes

Section 2: Listing Processes

Section 3: Process Metrics and Process Control

Section 4: Starting Processes in the Future

  1. Chapter 18: Common Applications

Section 1: Internet Applications

Section 2: Productivity and Development Applications

Section 3: Multimedia Applications

Section 4: Graphics Editors and Utilities

  • Sounds good. But can this be considered quite enough to say I have a good knowledge on linux – Jasser Feb 6 '15 at 7:16
  • When you put a question this way, it seems to be too opinion-based. I can say that knowing this topics will give you good foundation and confidence in using OS. Depending on how deep you learn all this your knowledge may eventually become more than good. – kirill-a Feb 6 '15 at 7:21

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