I want to use Avahi tools for mDNS service discovery in CentOS 6.6. I have installed the following packages: avahi, avahi-tools, nss-mdns. I checked the Avahi daemon and it is running:

$ service avahi-daemon status
avahi-daemon (pid  1365) is running...

But when I tried running the following avahi-browse command, it halted there and returned nothing:

$ avahi-browse --all

When I tried to launch the Avahi GUI window like the following:

$ avahi-discover
bash: avahi-discover: command not found

Then I searched what Avahi-related packages are on my system:

$ rpm -qa | grep avahi

I tried on another computer which runs on Ubuntu Linux and both avahi-browse and avahi-discover work fine. So why don't avahi-browse and avahi-discover work on my CentOS 6.6?


avahi-browse, avahi-discover is part of avahi-tools rpm in centos 6.x

sudo yum install avahi-tools avahi-ui-tools

to find out:

sudo yum provides avahi-browser
  • The original question said "I have installed the following packages: avahi, avahi-tools ..." and you can see it in their output from rpm -qa | grep avahi.
    – Jeff Schaller
    Jul 9 '15 at 12:13
  • Actually this post contains the correct answer to the avahi-discover problem (one of two separate problems in the question). It is a part of avahi-ui-tools which was not listed by OP. Suggested "how to find out"-way is correct, only the provided example is misleading.
    – techraf
    Sep 24 '16 at 12:23

Make sure not just avahi-daemon works and is installed, but also avahi-utils. That was my problem.

On debian its

sudo apt-get install avahi-utils

I've never used CentOS, so I don't know how the package manager works, but it should be something similar.

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