I've edited /etc/passwd by running usermod -s to change my shell. (chsh doesn't work, because it prompts for a password; we SSH in using keys.)

When I disconnect, and reconnect, the change doesn't take effect. I've restarted sshd too, and still nothing.

  • You don't necessarily have to live with that chsh problem. At least in the Linux version the password prompting is configurable. If you ask a separate question and mention your OS version you might get it fixed. – user41515 Feb 4 '15 at 0:32

I use ControlMaster, and I wasn't actually disconnecting.

ControlMaster is an SSH configuration option that keeps connections open for a certain time, and can multiplex SSH sessions over the same connection (which avoids key exchanges, which are slow). However, if you ^D from a shell, and then re-run ssh, you've not killed the original connection.

Restarting sshd only restarts the listening process: any in-progress session remain alive, so that doesn't restart the connection either.

Apparently launching a new shell doesn't re-check /etc/passwd for changes.

Solution was just to kill the connection: ssh <hostname> -O exit, and log in again.

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