My system keeps hanging every several hours. I think the problem is somehow connected with network, because plugging ethernet cable eliminates the problem (even if ethernet is used locally only). If I try to use WiFi without ethernet plugged - system hangs in couple of hours.

  • I see no common pattern in kernel logs after it. If I am getting the idea right - it means that system can't write to HDD at that moment?
  • I can't use netconsole, because my wifi doesn't support spooling and with ethernet plugged problem doesn't show itself.
  • If I leave terminal opened - it fades to black after error so gives no information.

    How can I diagnose and eleminate the problem in such situation?

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    terminal should not become blank if you do the following: login to the first terminal (alt-F1), then run setterm -blank 0; setterm -powersave off; setterm -powerdown 0. Alternatively, if you have a parallel port and a printer to connect to it, the kernel can be configured to send console output to the printer. A serial port can also be used. – wurtel Feb 3 '15 at 11:15
  • @wurtel , thanks. Sorry, misinformation about terminal - it actually doesn't hang in this mode. It's a lenovo g565 notebook, and my printer is out of order :( – Konst54 Feb 9 '15 at 20:37

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