I'm working in a Centos 6.6 Docker image. I thought I installed everything to get access to man pages, but apparently not...

$ yum install -y man man-pages man-pages-overrides
$ which man
$ man man
No manual entry for man

What am I missing ?

Regarding questions in comments (thanks for your help everyone):

$ echo $MANPATH
# empty
$ man 1 man
No entry for man in section 1 of the manual
$ man 7 man
No entry for man in section 7 of the manual
$ ll /usr/share/man/man1/
total 8
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 Sep 23  2011 ./
drwxr-xr-x 61 root root 4096 Jan 31 01:55 ../
$ yum search man | grep db
ModemManager.x86_64 : Mobile broadband modem management service
hsqldb-manual.noarch : Manual for hsqldb
db4-utils.x86_64 : Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB (version 4)
foomatic-db-ppds.noarch : PPDs from printer manufacturers
ldb-tools.x86_64 : Tools to manage LDB files

$ rpm -q -l man | grep man.1
  • Isn't MANPATH environment variable overriden? Also, try this: man -M /usr/share/man man – myaut Feb 2 '15 at 17:31
  • What are the results of man 1 man and man 7 man, please? – Faheem Mitha Feb 2 '15 at 17:34
  • Debian has a package called man-db. Of course, CentOS may be set up differently. – Faheem Mitha Feb 2 '15 at 17:48
  • Do you have the file /usr/share/man/man1/man.1.gz ? – Mark Plotnick Feb 2 '15 at 19:02
  • Thanks everyone, I answered directly in the question for readabily sake. – Anto Feb 3 '15 at 10:37

See the comment re: removing tsflags=nodocs from /etc/yum.conf, put there as a purported consequence of base docker image build policy:


I just tested this on a CentOS 6.7 container and it works.

  • Thank you for this; I got man and man pages installed. But for some bizarre reason there's nothing in section 8. Still haven't figured that one out! – Kate Ebneter Dec 4 '15 at 2:54
  • works for CentOS 7 – pigletfly Dec 15 '16 at 3:45

If echo $MANPATH is empty you need to set the manpath.

echo "MANPATH=/usr/share/man" >> ~/.bashrc

The login again.

  • I am using Debian 9. $MANPATH is empty and man works. – Prvt_Yadav Aug 6 '18 at 2:33
  • @Debian_yadav+ ditto on CentOS 6.7 (though not docker), and every other implementation of man I've ever used. – dave_thompson_085 Aug 6 '18 at 4:13

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