I have a file open in Vim.

I'd like to open another file in a tab, using the :tabe command. However, I'd also like to open this file with the -M option, in order to avoid modification and writing of the file. I tried to use the following command in vim:

:tabe -M filename

However, that did not work. How can I achieve this?

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I think you are looking for

:tabe +set\ nomodifiable|set\ ro filename

Using + after tabe lets you specify a set of commands to run when opening the file. For more details, see

:help +cmd

If this is something you do often, you can set up a custom command to do this for you

:command! -nargs=+ -complete=file Tabread tabe +set\ nomodifiable|set\ ro <args>

Place that in your .vimrc to have it whenever you start vim.

This command will create a new user command called Tabread that supports filename completion (so you can use it like tabe). It sets those options for you and opens the file in a new tab.

The nomodifiable option prevents editing commands from working on the buffer, and the ro option prefents writing the buffer to disk.

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