I am backing up files, and I have a lot of files duplicated in multiple locations. I've used fdupes to find duplicates, but I'm actually looking for some sort of inverse of this tool.

I want to see if dir A and its sub directories contain any file that dir B does not contain. I'd like to see a list of files, if that would be possible, based on the contents of the file (comparing file size and hash).

Does any such tool already exist? (Or am I even approaching this completely wrong)

  • Can you assume anything about the names and locations of identical files? For example, if tree1/somewhere/foo is identical to tree2/elsewhere/bar but there is no tree1/elsewhere/bar or tree2/somewhere/foo, should they be included in the report, or omitted? – Gilles Jan 31 '15 at 23:24

You could try:

diff --brief -r dir1/ dir2/ > logoutputtoafile.log

Remove --brief if you wish more detail.


The comparison utility 'meld' is awfully easy to use for that sort of thing but of course you just 'see' the differences, you can't (I think) save them or log them in any way.

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