Is there a tool available in gentoo to simply output why a package has been hard masked? Scrolling through the /usr/portage/profiles tree and reading every package.mask file applicable for your profile is a bit time consuming.

Especially, because the sorting in the files is by date in the comment, and not alphabetical on package category/name.

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Although the question was asked 27 days ago, maybe someone is still interested in an answer:

equery (included in app-portage/gentoolkit) can be used to get the reason why a package (PKG) was masked:

equery list --portage-tree --mask-reason PKG

For more information on the available options and how to read the output just have a look at the man page of equery.

  • I was still very interested in the question and feel honored you even considered creating an account to answer this one. :D
    – Tim
    Feb 27, 2015 at 18:21

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