I have a couple of FTP users who can access my (pseudo) server running vsftpd under Mint Linux. They are restricted to a specific directory and below via chroot(). Whilst they can access the files without problem they are unable to delete them when they are no longer required. The permissions on their base directory, and all sub-directories is 'drwxrwxrwx' and all files '_rw_rw_rw_'. I have searched the web but been unable to find an explanation.


Are the users local users or vsftp users ?

Try the following:

grep local_enable /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

That should be set to YES and the users should log in with local accounts for this to work.

If you do not want this or already have this set, please paste your /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf here.

  • Thank you. Set local_enable=YES and everything working as restarting vsftpd. – MichaelJohn Jan 30 '15 at 13:08

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