I have a macbook with yosemite installed, and I just added a partition of arch linux that I boot into using rEFInd. Arch was giving me an error because rEFInd boots by default using a "ro" parameter instead of a "rw" parameter. I edited refind.conf, adding an OS stanza for Arch but with "rw" as an option instead, and when I use the listing when booting, it gives an error.

I'm looking for the "default stanza" that refind uses for Arch when no stanza is manually given, so that I can match mine to it.

Here's my OS stanza:

menuentry "Arch Linux" {
    icon     /EFI/BOOT/rEFInd-minimal/icons/os_arch.png
    volume   4:
    loader   /boot/vmlinuz-linux
    initrd   \boot\initramfs-linux
    options  "root=UUID=F0778b29-8295-4d1a-b209-8582ebfe1051 rootfstype=ext4 rw add_efi_memmap"

Also, I need to remove the .efi for arch so that I don't have two listings for Arch when I boot... where is that located? Is it on the arch partition or on the EFI boot partition?


About the duplicate entries, you should change the scanfor option on refind.conf. It is well documented in there, but in your case you would need to set it to use just the manual option, this way:

scanfor manual

About the default stanza for Arch, you can use the provided ones, just adapt them to your needs. The default one is probably pretty basic too.

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