I have my own personal repo with older versions of rpms in it. If I want to install boost-license version I do the following

zypper install boost-license=1.36.0-11.17

this seems to be broken however as if I change the rev to one I know doesn't exist then it simply reverts to installing the latest rev instead of erroring, which is stupid.

I find the only way to force zypper to installa specific rpm I want is to state the exact rpms URL httlp//mylocalrepository/myrpms/boost-

Any ideas how I can use zypper as it was designed to install a specific version and error if it doesn't exist?

zypper in -f <package-with-version>

If you want to find out exact version, you can find it with:

zypper se <package>
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    Can u give me an example? – Fearghal Feb 11 '15 at 23:13
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    Sure. Setting: I have qemu version 2.0.2-42.1 installed. I have older version in one of the repos, so: zypper se -v qemu, find my desired version, and then zypper in -f qemu-2.0.0-40.7 This will do downgrade. Of course if you have no version installed, you simply choose which one you want. And you do not have to worry about update. Until you run zypper dup, it will not switch to different repo to gain higher version. – Hoorhay Feb 13 '15 at 15:19

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