I'm using git. I did a normal merge, but it keeps asking this:

# Please enter a commit message to explain why this merge is necessary,
# especially if it merges an updated upstream into a topic branch.

And even if I write something, I can't exit from here. I can't find docs explaining this. How should I do?

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    press ESC :wq it's a vim syntax ;) – demonking Jan 27 '15 at 8:47

This is depend on the editor you're using.

If you can use ESC and :wq or ESC and Shift+zz. Both command save file and exit.

You also can check ~/.gitconfig for editor, in my case (cat ~/.gitconfig):

    name = somename
    email = somemail@gmail.com
    editor = vim
    excludesfile = /home/mypath/.gitignore_global
  ui = auto
  # other settings here

I know this may be late, however I have noticed that it only occurs if I make a commit to a branch is a bit more updated than the branch that i'm merging.

Image to help with understanding

It turns out that if I change a branch (i.e., add more files to the branch), and try and merge another branch into it, Git will request me to write a MERGE_MSG for that branch.

In this image, it shows that I added a LICENSE file in master and a .gitignore file in branch npm-init.

Because master contains a new file, LICENSE, and npm-init does not know about it, Git asked me to write a message about why I should merge it.

Similarly, I merged add-eslint into add-dev before I merged the changes in install-deps.

I know this may be hard to understand (even for me at first), but I hope the image clears things up :)

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