Due to bugs in my laptop's BIOS (or some such thing), I use the boot flag nox2apic when I know I need to attach an external monitor. However, when this flag is enabled, pressing some multimedia hardware buttons cause the system to hang. Until I can correctly track down these bugs and do the responsible thing, I'd like Grub2 to generate two entries per installed kernel:

  • one with nox2apic enabled, to be used when I might attach a monitor
  • one with default flags, to be used when I'm on the go

Reviewing /etc/grub.d suggests I could modify one of the loops in 10_linux to emit the appropriate entries. Is this the best way? Since I'm worried that I'd have to grok most of this file, is there a quicker solution?


It depends from distro you currently use.

If it's Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/RHEL, I recommend you to edit file.


And set there value of


Then do your favorite grub2-mkconfig as you usually.

Good luck!

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    Will this create two entries for each recognized kernel/what entries does this create? – Willi Ballenthin Jan 26 '15 at 18:43

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