i got a hand me down lenovo thinkpad and i was pleased that it was still comparatively fast as it was running windows 7 very smoothly...

but since i switched to CrunchBang (i'd like to think i'm always squeezing everything from any gadget i have), i've seen less smooth UI rendering. as for the video playback, it isn't as smooth as before and for it, the CPU usage can take up to 60%.

now, i should've looked at the CPU usage when it was running windows 7 for video playback and UI rendering for comparison, but i didn't (i won't reinstall windows 7 just for that). so i can't say for sure that it's using more CPU time. but i think i really think there's a noticeable difference.

CrunchBang uses OpenBox, which doesn't seem to use hardware acceleration from the GPU... but is there any way that i can simply add a package so that the window manager would use hardware acceleration? say, like, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI)?

as for the video playback, perhaps i can use the Gnash flashplayer and VLC, i just hope that VA API (which on Linux, sits on top of DRI) supports my GPU.

but my main concern for now is finding an accelerated window manager.


You can use a stand alone compositor such as xcompmgr, compton, cairo-compmgr, or unagi.

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    Welcomme to U&L Stackexchnage, can you give more details ? – Archemar Jan 26 '15 at 11:12
  • @RaptorRed: aahhhh... i thought what you suggested might help, but it seems that xcompmgr and Compton already comes with CrunchBang... – Dehbop Jan 26 '15 at 23:00

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