So I am trying to bootstrap a Ubuntu as unprivileged user on Ubuntu. The little script I am using is:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
LANG=en_US.UTF-8 \
        fakeroot-ng -f -l"$(pwd)/fakeroot-ng.log" -p"$(pwd)/fakeroot-ng.state" \
        fakechroot \
        debootstrap \
                --keep-debootstrap-dir \
                --exclude=dhcp3-common,dhcp3-client,laptop-detect,tasksel,tasksel-data \
                --variant=fakechroot \
                --arch=amd64 \
                $(lsb_release -sc) "${1:-$(pwd)/build_chroot}" ${DEBARCHIVE_URL}

The gist is, that debootstrap hangs at the following operation:

I: Configuring makedev...

In htop (but not in pstree) I can see that the blocking command is:

mknod mem- c 1 1

invoked by:

/bin/sh - /sbin/MAKEDEV std consoleonly fd

invoked by:

/bin/sh -e /var/lib/dpkg/info/makedev.postinst configure

which itself is invoked by dpkg.

Summary (in order of invocation):

/bin/sh -e /var/lib/dpkg/info/makedev.postinst configure
    /bin/sh - /sbin/MAKEDEV std consoleonly fd
        mknod mem- c 1 1

This is flabbergasting, since I am giving --variant=fakechroot and therefore should expect to have no trouble with potentially privileged commands.

What am I doing wrong or how else would I go about bootstrapping a chroot environment for later use with fakeroot fakechroot chroot ...?

Here's the relevant tail of the fakeroot log file:

4937: Called mknod(NONE)
mknod: 4937 tried to create character device, turn to regular file
mknod: 4937 mode 401
4502: Calling syscall 5 redirected from open
4937: Called mknod(RETURN)
mknod: 4937 call failed with error Permission denied
4502: Called syscall 5, redirected from open
open: 4502 map for dev 5 inode 1029 already exists - doing nothing
process 4937 orig_sc=133 actual sc=79 state=RETURN

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