Input file

2432745314,ASRER, 2015-01-20
2132432423,safdsad, 2015-12-30

Need two files created one for records with the date column less than a month and less than 6 months

output file 1 with less than month

2432745314,ASRER, 2015-01-20
2132432423,safdsad, 2015-12-30

output file 2 less than 6 months


using the awk command but not working.

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    Is 2014_02_01 a typo? "output file 2 less than 6 months" is supposed to mean "at least one month but less than 6 months"? – Hauke Laging Jan 24 '15 at 0:31

This will get you started. Requires GNU awk for the time functions:

gawk -F, '
    function totime(ymd) {gsub(/[-_]/," ",ymd); return mktime(ymd " 0 0 0")}
    BEGIN {now = systime(); m1 = now - 86400 * 30; m6 = now - 86400 * 180}
    FNR == 1 {next}
    {t = totime($3)}
    t > m1 {print "m1", $0; next}
    t > m6 {print "m6", $0}
' file
m6 2131321,ABCDS,2014-10-20
m1 2432745314,ASRER, 2015-01-20
m1 2132432423,safdsad, 2015-12-30

It's not exactly 1 and 6 months, it's 30 and 180 days, plus or minus an hour for daylight saving transitions


Just play with date command inside awk and redirect output from print to desired files according to certain conditions:

awk -F, 'BEGIN{ "date -d\"month ago\" +%s" | getline T1; close("date"); 
  "date -d\"6 months ago\" +%s" | getline T6; close("date")}
  { "date -d" $3 " +%s" | getline t; close("date"); 
  if(t>T1){print $0>"file2";next} if(t>T6)print $0>"file3"}' file

The crucial part is a transform format of date to number of seconds since 1970 with date -d ... "+%s" command. The rest should be self explanatory.

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