After some updates, our Ubuntu 14 MATE desktop doesn't have a panel, nor does it load a terminal. After pressing ctrl+alt+f1, and logging into our account, I tried the command:

mate-panel --reset

But it says command not found. We think this will fix our problem as described here:


But why it is saying mate-panel command not found?

  • That file is owned by 'mate-panel' package. Check if you've that package on your system.
    – anlar
    Jan 24 '15 at 11:54
  • I'd have to check this through the command line given most functionality on my system is broken. apt-get install mate-panel? I'm pretty sure that didn't work Jan 24 '15 at 19:06
mate-panel --replace &

worked for me

  • I don't know why it was downvoted, it worked for me
    – balping
    Jul 29 '17 at 10:50
  • You could add a disown to it so you can close the terminal again.
    – DBX12
    Apr 17 '19 at 5:38

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